Cauldron Reader
The Unnotebook Viewer
The Easy Way to Share & View Cauldron Notebooks
Sharing that Works
Make It
Use Cauldron to create your analysis.
Export It
Save your results as a CDF (Cauldron Display File) file.
Send It
Send it to others to view your results in the Cauldron Reader application.
Simple & Functional
Reliable Display
What you create in Cauldron is exactly what others see in the Reader. Interactivity and format are preserved. Nothing gets lost in translation, no matter what operating system others are using.
Dependency Free
The Reader is self-contained. No Python installation, no development tools and no need to run any code. Especially helpful for collaboration with non-technical colleagues.
Lightweight Files
Reader files are optimized and compressed to reduce file size. They store only display data, omitting unneeded editing data and leaving display overhead to the viewer.
You create reader files locally on your machine. Nothing is uploaded to a server or shared on the web that might compromise the privacy of your analysis. And you control how the files are shared.
Ready to get Started?
All you need to do is install the desktop application and you will be ready to go. Check out the installation guide for details and download links.
Install Reader